The profile I initially wrote as a guest blog post has also been published in the Eczema Society of Canada's (ESC) Summer newsletter, which explains the spikes on my Google Analytics page.
To read the profile, find out more information about ESC or eczema itself, read the newsletter here. I love the article "Why Do We Itch at Night?"
Today was my first public appearance as a support volunteer for The Eczema Society of Canada (ESC). The Canadian Paedatric Society Conference is taking place in London, Ontario this year and I had the great opportunity to volunteer with the Executive Director, Amanda Cresswell-Melville. I am in awe of the amazing work done by ESC and other social profit groups and charities who were in attendance like Anaphylaxis Canada and About Face. I learned quite a lot (which is always a good thing) and got to speak with some very caring paediatricians. All in all, a great day!