I have recently become an Asthma Ambassador for the Asthma Society of Canada and a Support Volunteer for The Eczema Society of Canada. I'm quite excited about the latter because it involves helping people deal with a very difficult condition. As the months go by, my contributions will develop further and I can't wait to post more specifics.

For more information about either organization or how to volunteer, please visit:
The Eczema Society of Canada
The Asthma Society of Canada
As an update, part one of my guest blog will be featured on "It's an Itchy Little World", a blog hosted by the founder of the Eczema Company on December 20th. I have also just finished recording a segment on fragrance allergies for Fanshawe College radio, 106.9 The Ex which will air in January, thanks to another allergy entrepeneur and blogger, Elizabeth Goldenberg of OneSpot Allergy.